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Overview of Rent Control Ballot Measures
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Local Ballot Measure: Sacramento Community Stabilization and Fair Rent Charter Amendment
A proposed ballot measure would enact rent control in the City of Sacramento with the following provisions:

Rent Control
  • Costa Hawkins exemptions apply, but Rental Housing Board has power to change if the act is repealed
  • Rent rollback to base rent on February 20, 2018
  • Annual General Adjustment is set at the CPI for the region, but no lower than 2% or higher than 5%.
  • Owners may carry over unused allowable rent increase, but cannot increase rent by more than 1-%
  • First possible rent increase is September 1, 2019
  • Only one rent increase per year thereafter
  • Owners can petition the Rental Housing Board to request a fair rate of return greater than the CPI

Just cause for eviction protections

Limits termination of tenancy to the following nice cause

  • Failure to pay rent
  • Breach of agreement
  • Nuisance
  • Illegal use of the premises
  • Failure to give access
  • Necessary and substantial repair requiring temporary vacancy*
  • Owner move-in*
  • Withdrawal of unit permanently from rental market*
  • Demolition*

Requires relocation assistance for the above causes with an asterisk

  • $5,500 - $7,000 per household depending on number of bedrooms
  • Additional $1,500 for each Qualified Tenant who is a minor, senior or disabled
  • Displaced tenants have the first right of return to a repaired unit and after repairs at same rent.


  • Rent board with eight members elected by Council district plus one Mayoral appointment
  • Special election to be held within 90 days of adoption
  • Board operates independent of City Council, City Manager and City Attorney.
  • Sets own budget funded by annual Rental Housing Fee (annual fee in Berkeley is $270 per unit)
  • Annual operating budget for rent board may be over $5 million (Berkeley budget is $5.2 million)

State Ballot Measure: Repeal of Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act

A proposed state ballot measure would repeal the Costa Hawkins Housing Act, a law that provides the following protections of rental property owners:

Prohibits rent control on the following types of residential units

  • Single-family dwelling
  • Condominium
  • Any building built after February 1995 for a new rent control ordinance, and any building built after the date an existing rent control ordinance was enacted

Allows "vacancy decontrol"

  • When tenant vacates a rental unit, owner may set the rent at any rate without restrictions

For more information

City of Sacramento ballot measure: see City Clerk Department on

Proponents of rent control ballot measure: www.Housing4Sacramento

CAA info on Costa Hawkins Act:

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